The Job Offer Generator

What would it feel like to get
multiple offers
in your
job search?


Am I right?!?

You're a nurse at a pivotal point in your career, ending one chapter and ready to start an exciting new one.

I see you.

You've poured time, effort, and maybe even some tears to get where you are.

Deep down you know you deserve your dream NP job.

And why not you? You're capable and competent!

Whether you're...

a nurse practitioner student

nearing graduation and wanting to get ahead of the job search curve

a current NP 

who is looking to change jobs to better
suit your life

a recent NP graduate

ready to start practicing and want an effective, no-fluff method to land that ideal job 

struggling in interviews

and make it to the first round but
never move forward

searching without success

and you're losing hope after months without any progress or promise of getting hired

leaving the bedside

transitioning from the nurse to provider role without a clue how to navigate the job search

still exploring

the variety of advanced practice opportunities and need clear career goals

a first time job searcher

in a competitive job market without the tools or strategies to move through the hiring process're in the right place. I'll tell you exactly how The Job Offer Generator will give you the step by step strategies and unparalleled support YOU NEED on your job hunt journey to find your perfect position.

By the end of this program,
you will have: 

  • Clearly identified what type of jobs are right for you and your current lifestyle

  • Articulated your skills, knowledge, and abilities to convey that you're the best candidate for the job

  • Created an impressive resume that you're proud of because you've improved your writing skills to creatively display a written story that summarizes your professional career

  • Developed bold confidence to ask and answer a variety of interview questions 

  • Refined interpersonal skills to effectively interact with multiple team members during the hiring process

  • Learned how to spot red flags and decipher how to handle them

  • Generated multiple offers to high quality positions where you can grow and learn as a provider

  • Negotiated like a boss to leverage your experienceand highly sought after skills to get you top salary and benefits to match

Meet Josie!

Career Strategist, Creator of Clincepts

For over 15 years, she's been helping nurses thrive in their careers. From on the job training to landing their dream jobs, nurses across the country have had great success working with Josie. She listens to the needs of nurse practitioners and empowers them to discover their greatness. 

What's inside the course?

You'll get detailed step by step instruction

Module 1
Success Planning

  • Shift your mindset and align your path to pursue your goals 
  • Crush limiting beliefs
  • Understand the effects of oversaturation vs competiton 
  • Discover your why
  •  Establish your dream job profile

Module 2
Resume Creation & Design

  • Create a scroll-stopping resume 
  •  Implement strategies that leave a lasting impression
  • Equip yourself with essential life skills of resume writing 
  • Feel empowered  to present a resume moves you along in the hiring process faster

Module 3
Interview Preparation

  • Craft your perfect "tell me about yourself" pitch 
  • Take the guesswork out of interview preparation
  •  Respond to questions with knowledge and confidence 
  • Ask the right type of questions 
  • Complete the shadow experience

Module 4

  • Spot red flags 
  • Learn the elements of an agreement 
  • Negotiate your salary and other important benefits

along with...

Video Training

Get the most out of the modules with virtual instructor led sessions

Scripts & Templates

Swipe these ready-to-use files for your resume, cover letter, thank you letter, and more

Online Support

Have questions or need feedback, we've got you covered


 Money well spent.

New Grad NP

I got the fellowship. Couldn't have done without you, Josie. Thank you so much.

DNP Student

 I started getting callbacks and interviews as soon I used your strategies.

New Grad NP

What to expect when you enroll in the

The Job Offer Generator

4 comprehensive modules teaching you strategies to get you top dollar offers

The complete resume design toolkit to get you noticed and moving along in the hiring process

Interview implementation strategies to make employers see your value and potential

Negotiation know-how techniques to secure the deal to your dream job

Plus these bonuses

  •  Live Q&A sessions 
  •  Lifetime course access and updates 
  •  Online support



 and ditch the desperation of job search chaos for clarity and confidence to get happily hired

Frequently Asked Questions

While the resume is only part of job search success, it's also not that easy. That's why I've included a step by step strategy about all the things involved in landing your first (or next) NP role.

I get it. Investing in a course seems counterintuitive. But with structured guidance and support, you dramatically increase the chances of landing a job sooner, and you do it with less stress. As part of the course, you'll learn how to negotiate a higher salary. So, ultimately, your're saving money. 

Numerous studies and plenty of data show that having a coach or someone to support you through a difficult time or transition period alleviates stress and makes the journey easier. Throughout the course, I'll be available to guide you and and connect with you along the way.

Basically, forever. You'll have lifetime access to the course. Plus, you get all the updates. 

The opportunity to work in your ideal job and fulfill your passion in practice is only an offer away.  

Maybe you're ready to take the leap from RN to NP and want all the best advice to get started as a new provider.

Or maybe you're a new NP needing to pivot into a different position and want help refocusing your efforts to pursue a new path.

If you can relate and you're still thinking about joining The Job Offer Generator, know that you deserve a great job, a strong start, amazing career opportunities, and so much more.

As a nurse, you know what it's like to work hard.

Finding that perfect job is hard. But I also want you to know, you don't have to do it alone.

As you go through this course, you'll build your confidence with the support you need, to land the job you want.